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Domain Name Registration

Domain name is like an address, which is used to reach to your website on world wide web. Various domain names comes with different suffixes e.g. .com, .co, .org,, .in etc. We help our customers to find right domain as per their choice and book it as per their need.

Cost of domain is charged on actual basis and this is a recurring cost per year and prices may vary slightly from domain name provider to provider. In case you leave your domain credentials with us, our team can remind you well before the renewal is due so that you can retain your domain as long as you want (a number of people lose their domain if they do not renew these on time and then getting these back could be a real pain and a very costly affair)

SSL Certification

It has now been made mandatory by banking and finance companies to have your site secure in case you are accepting payments or doing any financial transactions. Moreover, users are trained enough to understand if your site has a security lock sign or not.

It is advised to buy SSL to ensure that your site looks genuine especially if you are dealing with financial transactions

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