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IT Contract Reviews

Companies grow from small organization of few people to bigger organization, initially they enter into agreements either on their customer templates or agree to customer demands to win contracts. However, over a period of time these companies develop their processes become more seasoned, however still end up providing support to their old contracts.

When one organization take over another organization, they would like to review the existing client contracts, terms, IT commitments, IT risks, penalties on not providing agreed services and compliances. We help companies to review their existing IT contracts Risks e.g.

  1. Client specific service levels
  2. Named Technologies
  3. Asset Solutions, License Ownership and Obligations
  4. Compliance and Contractual Obligations
  5. Bandwidth, billing and payment models
  6. Reseller Agreements
  7. Limitation of Liabilities
  8. Type of Software Licenses
  9. Cloud Agreements
  10. Data Privacy and Protection/GDPR Compliance
IT Services

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